The most scenic routes in the United States

The United States is one of the most prominent places to set out for a road trip. Credit goes to the hundreds of scenic and beautiful routes across the country, which are a feast to the eyes and the moods whoever travels by them. These amazing spots of America are as picturesque as a painting on the wall.


epi1Blue Ridge Parkway: It is considerably one of the most iconic drives of South America. The presence of hiking trails and historic sites make the road trips more enjoyable. It stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Along the road you can stop by at various spots of activities that include wildlife watching and camping.


Gorge Hiway.tif

Columbia River Highway: Since it became the first paved road in the northwest in 1915, it has become very scenic and profound for its travelers. People often quote this as the first scenic highway of the states. Along the highway there are waterfalls that appear in rainy seasons, vast spreads of wildflower in summer and many awe inspiring views all year long.


epi3Florida Overseas Highway: This 106 mile long segment of US offers some quite amazing waterside views. After its renovation in 1980’s Florida Overseas Highway gained a lot of popularity in America. The main attraction of this route is the Seven Mile Bridge due to which it is considered to be a modern engineering masterpiece.


Route 66: The historic route 66 touches some parts of Kansas. It has a very evident history about its bypass that makes it a famous tourist destination. People flock to this road of historic significance to revisit the nation’s glorious past. Today in the state of Illinois there exist many museums and roadside attractions. It’s a fact that Illinois became the first state to boast of having Route 66 paved lengthwise ends to end. It truly exemplifies the ideas of hope, freedom and migration.


Kancamagus Highway: It is a 34.5 mile long byway, passing through the middle of the scenic White Mountain National Forest. The area is known for its vegetation that consists of highly exquisite foliage. It is a perfect route for nature enthusiasts. You get to see many different varieties of plant life in this secluded and untouched ecosystem. You need to be ready beforehand as you will not be able to find any gas station or an eatery to stop by in the area.


Pacific Coast Highway: Laid in the state of California, this route is personally my favorite. The presence of cliffs and mountainous rock formation along the Pacific coast makes it breathtaking. There might be some hidden dangers as well. Due to frequent mudslides one must take necessary action like weather report check and carrying the right gear before passing through this highway.

What are essential gadgets you need to have in your RV


Planning for another RV trip? Is the travelling bug in you does not let you stay in the house? But, do you have the essential gadgets for a long RV trip? No?. Well, before you lock your house and move out for RVing, consider these gadgets that are essential or might be helpful to ease your journey.rv accesories

Spot Trace GPS Tracker: While RVing, you are carrying your entire house on the road. You might say that’s the fun part, but in fact you are vulnerable to thefts. SPOT trace GPS tracker allows you to monitor your RV. Get this gadget to keep you safe from such threats.

RV storage Locks: Most class A, B and C RV vehicles use the same CH751 or ES201 key for their storage compartments. Let’s hope most of the RVs are trustworthy but still somebody having little knowledge might steal your stuff while RV is parked when you are camping in the forest. To get rid of this problem, change your security locks from default to new ones.

Smart RV: This is another essential tool your RV should have. A small electronic device that tracks your RV moment, battery levels and shares trip info with your friends. With its trip journal feature, you can share your trip with Facebook friends and other RV users.

Solar Panels: Well, use of the solar panel makes you extra smart in terms of energy efficiency.RV solar You can harness the power of the sun to your batteries. Solar Panel can vary from a tiny size to large 4 panels 1000 watt system. If you want to run basic electric appliances or devices like lights, fan or laptop, 100 watts of solar panel is sufficient for this need.

LED Lights: Most RVs have halogen bulb inside, LED lights can be used instead which consume 90% less energy. LED bulbs release less heat, are long lasting and more resistant to vibration. Also, LEDs are cool to touch.

AC/DC Universal Laptop Charger: A universal charger allows you to plug into AC as well as DC power. DC power is good because while driving you can use inverter instead of house battery to charge your laptop. Also, 12 volt DC charger consume less power than inverted 120 volts and allows your laptop to run little longer.

RV water heater Tank Rinser: This tool helps you to clean your RV water heater and give life to it.

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There are plenty of other gadgets available like Kindle Tablet, Soda Stream, RV outdoor Mats, dog tracker, Mini washing Machine, RV toilet, premium first aid kit, WIFI extender Tire Pressure Monitor. You can carry them as per your needs.

Safety tips for operating your RV GPS


RV GPSs come with many features and settings which are helpful in your journey. Common observation is that the drivers tend to adjust their devices while driving. It’s also been reported that one out of every four car accidents happens because the driver was found to use a cell phone. So, make sure that while driving an RV your entire focus is on the road. Only a fraction of distraction is enough for a disaster to happen on the road and to change your life forever. These are some the safety tips for you to have a memorable RV trip using GPS

RV gps 5

Adjust the unit before the journey

When you purchase RV GPS navigator, first thing to do is to read the manual and adjust the unit according to your need. As a first step, update the latest software and maps. Don’t explore the device while driving but explore the places you are travelling through. Get a hang of it well in advance. Else, you will end up driving some extra miles, taking a wrong route or running into dead-ends, if you are not well-versed with the GPS.


Mount the GPS in a visible place

GPS is meant to provide navigational guidance and suggestions. So, it should not be held in hand or placed at a location where it is difficult to follow its instructions. To get maximum help from this gadget,  you should fix it on a secure place on the dashboard.


Get it charged

Your GPS needs power to operate and it can be through the chargeable batteries or power connectivity with your RV’s power system. Make sure that either the batteries are fully charged or the GPS is properly connected. You will not appreciate it to leave you at some unknown crossroads clueless about the next road to follow  


Get the help of your companions

It is not advisable to blindly follow the GPS instructions. Sometimes the maps you download on your device might not be up-to-date. So always take help of your companion to keep an eye on the road and the signboards, to reach your destination well in time. Moreover, a company while driving will make the trip more enjoyable.
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If you have planned to use an RV GPS as your navigational device, these these are a few suggestions that will help you to have a safe and sound journey.

Things to leave behind when you travel with your RV


If you are packing and preparing for an RV camping trip, always remember that space is important and you must plan accordingly. There are items that families consider to be necessary for traveling such as your RV GPS Units but an RV camping vacation is different because certain things must be left behind for your own comfort. Over-packing your RV with the unimportant and excessive items is considered a big problem.  RV camping

It is never a great idea to over-pack the RV with unnecessary items and overload it. Overloading will slow down your excursion and limits your movement inside the RV too. While going on a trip, you can leave the following items at home.


  • Leave your luxurious cooking items and gourmet food preparation gear at home when you are loading your RV. Bulky and heavy components are not important in your trip. Your main concern must be how to get clean water to wash the dishes and how to clean yourself up. You also have to avoid bringing pointed appliances.
  • Instead of stocking the cabinets and fridge of the RV withRV groceries foods, why don’t you plan out each individual meal that your party will consume throughout the duration of your trip? It is true that canned food is an advantage, but buying too many of them can be very expensive.
  • RV campers should prefer to leave the bundle of firewood at home because it is one of the biggest space hangers on a camping trip. Wood is very affordable and you can find it on the way along the roadside. Estimate your needs in terms of a campfire.
  • You have to avoid extra components attached behind your RV. This will reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of the RV and increase the travel time.
  • Leave your work laptop at home along with the other not so important work-related gadgets that you will not be able to use when you are on an RV camping trip. Bringing your laptop while on an RV trip with your family is not a good idea. Leave your work at home and enjoy the company of your family and friends. It will more devastating if you lose your laptop or get it damaged on the way.
  • Sometimes you cannot say no to a talkative friend or grumpy relative, to travel along with you. But it is you, who have to decide whether you want to make your weekend a memorable one or not.
  • I always read RV Gps reviews before buying one. This helps me to save money and time.